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 Working on an AU wherein I have the time and inclination to EP Sabine Wren to a sandbox (cause fuck it, it's just for fun and I can fine tune her once the show starts or I see the trailer on Sunday), write up the next steps to my headcanon for Quin (him starting his own rebellion with Khaleen, Tholme, T'ra Saa, and the kids), finish the Brimstone thread with Shephard (which is the easiest of this list), and work on Hank's threads as well.

I did app a new pup, Isabella Camherst, i.e. Lady Trent from A Natural History of Dragons; because Milliways needs more dragons. Now I need to find a child PB for her and an elderly woman. I've sort of picked Lynn Cohen for the elder ISabella but am not hard set on her. She does seem like an older version of her youthful PB.

ETA: If I stay off of Tumblr, I'd have a better chance at my AU.
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 And introduce one Lady Isabella Trent (dragon_naturalist), budding naturalist from Scirland, a fantasy nation that is much like Victorian England. She is cute in this dear_mun thread (even if it's only two tags in) and I fear I shall be throwing her into a sandbox tomorrow if I keep my nerve up. Being post shy again sucks.
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 New book I am reading, A Natural History of Dragons, has sucked me in and I am finding the protagonist, one Lady Trent, intriguing. Here's a mock interview with her, which is mostly spoiler free. This book has dragons, a willful lady, and scientific investigations of said dragons, how could I not fall in love with it?

I'm also enjoying Bitter Seeds now that I have gotten used to the writer's style. Nearing the end of the book and so am curious about how it will end but truthfully, I am on the fence as to whether I will move on in the series. WW2 stories as a rule don't appeal to me.

I also have free time today but can't seem to find my words. Bother. Maybe I'll make a journal for Lady Trent and through up somewhere to see if it shakes loose the words.


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