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 And my inner Jess is feeling kind of guilty about how much damage HYDRA managed to do. Wha? Not even your universe, Jess. Let's keep the guilt trips local.

She is also very impressed with Skye.
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 Really having a hard time with motivation today. Lots of work and I just don't want to do it but it's why they pay me. Need to find music to kick myself in gear with.

Currently burning mp3s of Eona for listening to in the car. I swear I am only doing this to be safe in the car and not to steal an audiobook. I remember the first book being fun so I hope the second is, though the cover is getting a raised eyebrow as it is very Western videogame cover for a very Chinese mythic landscape.

Caught up with Agents of SHIELD and have a few thought behind the cut for sort of spoilers.
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And random ficlet blurb that popped into my head earlier today featuring Sam Wilson and Jessica Drew:
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