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 For reference, TuneFind, gives you music used in shows, no matter how briefly. Song titles only.
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 You know it's okay to write OOMs ahead of time for pups, right? It's good that you are trying to pace yourself and not just throw pups at the comm to see what sticks. It's good to focus on specific ones to get them moving through canon, and it's a good thing you are feeling encouraged by all the play you've been having to write more stuff. You can write that stuff and save it for when you have the time to focus on that pup. 

What's most important is that you write. So go write.
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 OK, Danny is definitely an easy and fun voice for me to play. I can pull him up without having to "get in the mood" and he's goofy which is good for sour moods. I should finish his canon before writing an app, although I may go ahead and start one.

I still like the idea of Elayne Kevarian, but for some reason she stalled out on me with Lucy from Wic&Div started to vaguely flirt with her. Not sure if it's my usual reaction to flirting (I know it's silly but being married I always have a bit of awkward with flirting, as if I could be doing something wrong) or maybe Elayne isn't attracted to women. I know she can flirt, she did it in her canon's first book, but she's never flirted with a woman on page . The author does have a wlw relationship in later books, so he's not ignoring that aspect of sexuality. Maybe Elayne is too busy now. I don't know.

But I do only have one slot open, so Danny will get it. If I play Elayne more and she gets louder, I'll have to see whom is to go. I'm kind of thinking Rollo since he's never been as loud as I had hoped. Like threads just don't seem to hold his attention in my head.

OK, back to work and Sam's happy hour.
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 7.5 hours, most of which was light sleeping according to my Garmin VivoActive. I really need to get to bed at 9 but it's hard to do that when dishes need doing, lunches need packing, and family needs hanging out with. Maybe the bad sleep is worth it after all.

Her Ladyship discovered an new anime she likes, Blue Exorcist. I'll have to try and watch it with her.

ETA: So tempted to go to the local grocery and get ice cream for lunch.
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And now I'm back to wanting to play with Danny a bit. I think it's now less deconstructing the Mighty Whitey and fixing canon's missteps, if I stick with playing him. I am going to stick with sandboxes.

I just love his innocent, I want to help the world because it's right. He's not doing this out of a sense of guilt or whatever. He's like the Flash/Super Girl of the MCU, though not quite so chipper.

Icon sources:, fyeahscreencaps
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 I made the mistake of posting an article on my Facebook showing Asian actresses who could've played the Major in Ghost in the Shell instead of Scarlett Johansson. A mistake because it sparked a conversation with a guy whose point seems to be if you don't like it, don't pay for it, but here's why it's okay that they cast Scarlett.

I guess I'm just supposed to not see the movie and not speak about why I don't want to see it in a public place so others can feel good about seeing it.
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In other news, I've convinced myself that I shouldn't play Danny Rand. While deconstructing the White Savior and Mighty Whitey tropes might be fun for me, it likely wouldn't be entertaining, and there's every chance I would do it right anyway.

I think I might just play him in sandboxes, with Lewis Tan as his face instead of Finn Jones.
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 For some reason, this morning I am listing to breakup albums. I am not sad, I am not involved with a breakup, there is no hint of a breakup in my life, and I am not feeling nostalgic for a past relationship. I just seem to be enjoying the music. Go figure.

I also was struck by feels or nostalgia for Val von Doom. Weird.

Dear Self

Mar. 23rd, 2017 08:43 am
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OK, I get that you've loved the Iron Fist mythos since reading Ed Brubaker's Immortal Iron Fist...Is it really 10 years ago now? You also were a kid during the twilight of the martial arts craze and the Marvel Netflix universe is pretty awesome, but you have to seriously ask yourself if attempting to play Danny is a good thing. Yes, you have some ideas on things which seem better than the show. Yes, playing a flawed hero and not flinching away from the entitled white hero with all of it's problems is likely a better way to handle leaving Danny as white, but is this really a good idea?

Before doing anything, invoke the Craig Ferguson litmus test:
1 - Does this need to be said/done
2 - Does this need to be said/done now
3 - Does this need to be said/done by me

Now, get to work so that you can tag the pups you already have.

(Spoilers for Iron Fist in the comments. Also, letting go of the idea of Vlad Taltos as a pup. Too much canon (15 books with a goal of 17) and I'd need to play two pups as he can't be played without his familiar.)
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 Well, I'm feeling a little less guilty about liking Iron Fist, though it is a mess. Here's a good review of the series over at The Mary Sue. Thar be spoilers so watch out.
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I love a cover of a song, but not all covers are a like. You can have a good cover, say Siouxsie and the Banshees cover of Craftwork's "Hall of Mirrors" or the Damned's cover of Love's "Alone again or". You can have brilliant covers, like Johnny Cash's and Cheryl Crow's cover of NIN's "Hurt". And then there are the gems that make the song their own, like The Muppets cover of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Making a TV series or movie out of a book or comic is much like this. I'm up to episode 05 of Iron Fist and while I am enjoying it, it's like a good cover. They've reproduced the existing material, maybe switched a detail here and there, but it isn't that different from the comic. I enjoy it, but it is not as brilliant as "Luke Cage", "Jessica Jones", or the first season of "Daredevil". (I'm still deciding about season 02. Matt and Electra didn't do as much for me as Karen and Frank.)

But damned if my impulsive ID brain isn't trying to convince me that Danny would be an interesting pup.
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Started watching Iton Fist and it isn't horrible. Only two episodes in and yes it is the weakest of the Defensers, but it has something. Yes, I do feel like it would've been better to have an Asian actor play Danny. Whitie is doing okay but they are leaning on too many tropes to make this work well. We'll see how things progress. So far not impressed with the bad guys.

I also have a kernel of a story idea that germinating. I have no idea where it's going but I know where it came from. Basically some book I read recently had the protagonists pay a sable boy or tavern boy a large sum of money to disappear, not just from the tar emperor but from the city and not come back. I immediately started wondering what the boy would do next and there's the kernel. Needs more brain storming.
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Entering into week three of being sick and I am so ready to be over it. I did go into an Accute Care clinic on Friday but the doctor said it seems like I am mostly over it and there really wasn't much to be done but treat the symptoms.

Somehow this is also making my wanting to thread or do creative things practically nonexistent. Like I remember what fun it is and all, but I am disconnected from it. Blah.

Tried reading Tanith Lee's Faces Underwater but gave up after 4 chapters. I can't complain about the writing, which was good, I just didn't have any connection to the main character and I couldn't see a plot happening. I felt more connected with the city in the book than anything else, and I just don't read fast enough to bother.

I am most of the way through Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain, which is so much better. This has got to be the best portrayal of middle schoolers I've read in some time. They read as honest and true peeps rather than half remembered personas of middle schoolers.

I finished Four Roads Cross this weekend and I really cannot wait until the next Craft Sequence book. I may have made an account for Elayne Kevarian (*cough* [personal profile] carpe_deos  *cough*). Someday I will have to tag someone in a sandbox when I'm feeling up to threading.

I also continue to work my way through the Vlad Taltos series and am up to book 08 of the series. Still very tempted by a Vlad voice, but a journal name hasn't yet occurred to me and I would need two slots open to play him since I can't see him being anywhere without Loiosh, his smart ass, telepathic mini-wyvern type familiar. I think I've given up on the idea of finding an Eastern European actor with a handlebar mustache to use as a PB and will just use this fabulous fan art...assuming I ever get to play him.

ETA: I am about half-way convinced the writers of The Magicians have no idea what they are doing this season. I feel like each episode is only loosely connected to the previous and is wandering lost, with no idea where it is going.
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So now I keep losing my voice with this cold. Bleck.

Doctor Strange is finally available to rent digitally and I am glad I waited. Stunning visuals, although I can't help wondering if they copied Inceptions homework. Still, they did the classic psychedelic Doctor Strange panels justice. Mr. Cumberbatch did well, although I couldn't find any traction for Strange's story. This could be because I am so familiar with his origin. Loved Chiwetel's Mordo and Wong's..well...Wong. I wish they story had more room for them. The weakest link, imho, was Tilda Swanson's Ancient One. I guess she was angling for a serine and wise vibe but she just came across as cold. She would've been a perfect vulcan as she acted. I still think this movie could've been so much better but it was alright.

Also saw the pilot for Taken and I'm very much looking forward to see Clive Standen's acting chops. Got some hints of them through the action, but I hope to see more. I will definitely be having Rollo think he's Bryan Mills for the IMDB flu. Kate Kane might have been making noises in my head as I watched also.

Onto Bob's Burgers.
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 I am in at work, though still feeling the cold that hit this Sunday. I'm likely to head home at lunch since I am feeling worn out and such.

Reading The Black Company by Glen Cook, which I swear someone suggested to me. It's not bad, just not my usual jam. Think Full Metal Jacket or Platoon but in a Conan-esk fantasy world. It is written pretty well, though the noir is thick and the grit might stick in your teeth.

I'm also into book 06, Phoenix, of the Vlad Taltos series. It's funny how I can cast a lot of the other characters (Richard Armitage and Natalie Dormer just kind of leap out) but can't seem to cast the main character in my head. I guess it's because I am not familiar with Eastern European actors with mustaches. Still loving every word and I think I am getting to the point where new to me canon will be happening.
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A quick tutorial on a method I came across for how to make clear icons from muddy or dark screenshots and images. Enter at your own risk, thar be medium sized images behind the cut...

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In the interests of full disclosure, I did learn this technique from someone who made icons but I can't remember where I saw it, Tumblr maybe?
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Today's minor irritation: People who fan cast and ignore the ethnic identities/coding of the character, i.e. white washing, etc. Sabine Wren is East/Southeast Asian and casting someone whose father is Indian does not respect this.

Also, ignoring obvious Romani coding in a fictional character is also bad form.

OK, back to work so I can play later.
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Sabine thought behind cut. (spoilers from last episode)

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